Monday, April 3, 2017

Justin's Surprise 30th Weekend

Way back in October, I turned 30 and my hubby threw me a surprise party... after taking me out to eat... after I returned from an overnight hotel stay, by MYSELF... where I went on a shopping spree for new clothes for myself... so yeah he pretty much rocked my 30th birthday celebration.  That same week I laid the plans for his 30th birthday that was 6 months away. This past weekend it finally came to pass!

I woke him up Saturday morning with a cup of coffee and breakfast pizza from the gas station (so romantic, I know) and told him we were leaving in half an hour. He asked "to go where?", I replied "you don't get to know."

I had already packed up almost everything and my bigs ran over to their cousins where they would be staying. We packed up the littles and headed to drop them off at my other sisters in the next town over.

From there, I directed him to another town about an hour away where we stopped to use the bathroom quickly. (He later said he thought we were going to his favorite gun store to buy a new gun. The good wife I am, didn't even remember there was a gun store there, or that it was his favorite!)

We headed back on the road for another couple hours and pulled up to a Great Clips where he was directed to get a haircut. They were booked out so we skipped that and went to a restaurant called Brew. (Just a quick aside to do a shameless plug for this place: it is awesome! Great atmosphere, selection of beer and food was amazing, and everything tasted fantastic!).  He thought this town was our final destination for a minute, but we headed back on the road for another couple hours and eventually pulled into a Sport Clips where he was able to get a haircut.

Then I directed him to our hotel.  We checked into our room and when he went in the bathroom I laid out his dress clothes with a card on top.  He opened the card which contained tickets to Chanhassen Dinner Theater's "Grease". I expounded upon what I had written in the card, explaining how we have always talked about going back to New York to see another Broadway show (we saw Wicked in 2007 and LOVED it) and how we had loved the shows in Vegas, so I thought it would be a fun way to celebrate his 30th birthday. I also mentioned that we were staying for two nights so we could have a little extra time away, and confessed my fib about why he had to take work off on Monday.

We went to the show and it was amazing. Dinner was included with our tickets so we dined first and then the show began. First off, they cast it perfectly - especially Rizzo, Frenchy, and Kenicke - and the play sticks pretty close to the movie plot which I appreciate!  We both enjoyed it thoroughly, and then headed back to the hotel. I wished him a happy birthday again, reiterating how this was his gift and we talked about what we could do the next day to pass the time.

We awoke the next morning and ate breakfast at the hotel... because who books a hotel without breakfast included!? Then we lounged around and eventually went to Target and Home Depot to shop and window shop, ending up at Smash Burger for lunch. Yum! Highly recommend the salted caramel shake! Burgers and sides were tasty, and J liked that you could get a beer with your meal which is not typically the case at these types of places.

We headed back to the hotel with plans to relax and then maybe go to a movie or something later.  Shortly after getting back to our room, I "remembered" his gift that I had "forgotten" was in the trunk. I went and fished it out from its hiding place and brought it back up.  I handed it to him saying "it's just a little something to have as a tangible birthday gift."

He opened the package and found a MN Wild jersey inside. After trying it on and thanking me, we resumed our game of "Oregon Trail", the card game that J had been so excited to purchase. (Sidenote, I don't get this game... probably because I was so distracted by the suspense of J's gift).

As we finished up the game, I was trying to figure out how to get Justin to dig under the tissue paper of the box he had set aside after removing the jersey from it.  I started folding up the top of the box and the tissue paper that he had pulled out and asked him to hand me the tissue paper out of the box so I could fold it as well and save it (yes, I am that big of a loser, so this wasn't an odd request). He pulled the tissue paper out and found the papers hiding underneath that were the tickets to the Wild vs. Avalanche game that evening!

We had great seats, and having never been to an NHL game, we were both caught up in the excitement.  They definitely know how to get a crowd going and it was a fun game to watch! Helps when your team wins 5-2!

We headed back to the hotel for the night and now it is early in the the morning and he is sleeping as I write on here. Why is it that you always wake up early when you have the opportunity to sleep in!?

It was a memorable 30th birthday and it was so fun to be on the giving end of a building surprise like this!  It will certainly make sitting through the 3 1/2 hour Car Seat Training (that is required for our adoption) on his real birthday a little more bearable.

I think I am smelling the free breakfast, better get going!! ;)

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