Tuesday, April 25, 2017


c a n c e r

How can 6 little letters carry such weight? 

They arbitrarily place themselves in between,
forever distinguishing the before from the now. 

They enter our lives unannounced and turn them upside down. 

What once was, can no longer be. 

What was dreamed of, may not come to pass. 

They enter our ears and take over our minds, 
permeating every thought and overshadowing every hope. 

They rob us of our joy, crush our spirits, 
and drain us of our tears. 

They fill us with fear and dread and anger, so much anger. 

They render us helpless and weak, unable to function. 

They do not discriminate, anyone is fair game. 

Even an innocent child. 

Today, cancer has won. 

But tomorrow...

Tomorrow cancer better watch its back...

Because there is a posse coming for it...


  1. You better believe it! Well said. So unfair so many whys with no answers. But the posse...we will never stop praying and loving and fighting!

  2. Apparently they didn't know so many "Warriors" are behind him...... <3