Thursday, October 27, 2016

Fast Forward

It's getting to the time of year that I want to just press fast forward. Not that I want to wish time away, but with less than 2 weeks until Election Day, my Facebook newsfeed is in political high gear. I despise politics and the conflict and confrontation that inherently go hand and hand with them. I've been urged to vote Hilary, to vote Trump, to vote party lines and definitely not 3rd party (unless I want to waste my vote), to vote for a 3rd party, (that it is NOT throwing my vote away).... I've read articles about past scandals and new wiki-leaks, about candidates track records and how their proposed policies will affect our future....

It is all so overwhelming.  

And yes, I know it is my duty as a citizen to vote - although I do agree with Mike Rowe's commentary on it being a right, not a duty - and I plan to do so, but admittedly I feel like my vote doesn't even "count" anyway when I am a member of a state that has a party affiliation that goes back to the Great Depression (outside of a few select elections between then and now).  

The best, albeit oversimplified, perspective I've heard about this year's election came from a customer sitting at the bar in the restaurant I serve at. This gentlemen said if you like how we are sitting now as a nation and the direction in which we are headed, there probably won't be much change by voting Hilary. If you don't like our current status as a nation or where we are heading, there probably will be a shift with a Trump presidency.

All this to say that I'm taking a break from social media until all this election hoopla is done. I've never taken a defined break, but hear it does wonders for the soul! And when all I continue to see as the time to vote draws nearer is heated debates bordering on knock-down, drag-out fights, I can't think of a better time to try it out!

**As a quick follow up, I'm sure that I have somehow offended someone in writing how I am personally feeling this election season.  To clarify, you can feel free to continue to post political articles and opinions and discuss your thoughts in each other's comment threads to your heart's content. I am not passing judgment on you so please don't get defensive. I am simply excusing myself from that conversation.  Happy Thursday!

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