Friday, October 5, 2012

Here goes...

I'm sure that at some point or another your have heard the "mom of many hats" reference. Every year around Mother's Day, Facebook newsfeeds are flooded with prasies of motherhood. Amongst the "I love my mom" and the "I'm so blessed to have my children" statuses, you will likely find a list that inventories the various roles that mothers fulfill, begging you to repost it on our wall if you love your mom or love being a mom. I started typing a list but got a little sidetracked making this little word picture, so let's just say this is for you visual learners:

Of course, for most mamas these labels are stacked atop the roles of wife, daughter and sister, and in my case, these are sprinkled with the duties of student, server and volunteer.

Life is busy, crazy, hectic, frazzled.... pick your adjective, it will likely fit. But at the same time it is rewarding, fulfilling, and exciting. This blog is a way for me to sort it all out and hopefully inspire, entertain or help someone along the way.

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